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OES™ Odour Elimination System

The Problem

Noxious odours: they linger around the garbage cans and dumpsters, float up from floor or sink drains, and take up residence in the restrooms. Cigarette smoke smells plague bar areas and hotel rooms. Worse, these odours can rapidly permeate a kitchen or preparation area and drift out into dining or service areas.

The Proven Solution

Environmental Biotech's OES Odour Elimination System is a low cost permanent solution to these and other odour-related problems.

The OES includes:

Bio-CleanZ™ Enzyme Urine Odour Eliminator


Important Information - Guaranteed Results!
Bio-CleanZ is a revolutionary new enzyme based product that permanently dissolves Uric Acid Crystals and will totally eliminate even the most stubborn Urine odours. Bio-CleanZ comes ready to use, is fully bio-degradable, non toxic, totally safe and simple to apply. It can be used on a range of surfaces inclusive of, but not limited to, concrete, tiles, carpet, bedding and clothing.

Cleaning products, bleaches and deodorisers merely mask the problem, and in many cases actually intensify the situation by spreading the crystals over an extended area. They cannot remove the Uric Acid Crystals that cause the embarrassing pungent odour of stale urine.

Bio-CleanZ Enzymes literally eat the Uric Acid Crystals and totally eliminate the odours at their source. It will eliminate the use of expensive cleaners and bleaches and at the same time provide a total Urine Odour elimination solution. A completely unique product that has revolutionised the removal of embarrassing odours together with a variety of stains and other waste materials as a bonus.

Eliminates odours associated with urine and uric acid crystals in nursing homes, retirement centres, veterinary offices, hospitals, day care centres, service stations, washing machines, convenience stores, public toilets and so on. The product can be applied with trigger sprayers, by mop, by cloth or with carpet cleaners.

This product is available in a 5 litre container. No additional mixing is required. Simply saturate the affected surface and allow to dry. Re-apply if necessary.

Also Effective (on a wide range of surfaces), at

  • Removing pet odours - cat and dog territory marking
  • Removing red wine spills
  • Removing a range of animal and human waste products such as saliva, blood etc. (Used by selected US 5 star hotels to create a totally human waste free room)
  • Removing mould from leather items, e.g, shoes, handbags and coats etc.
5 Litre $74 + GST Total: $83.25 Free 500ml Trigger Sprayer with first order

Only $83.25 + $10.00 Courier

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