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Delta T Online Descaler

Dissolves all stubborn scale, rust, calcium and other water formed deposits found in most types of water piping. Restores heat transfer efficiency, increases coolant flow, and reduces power use as it extends the life of your equipment.

As seen in the 'Port Kembla' video Delta T Online Descaler will dissolve all buildup but is safe to handle with bare hands. Delta T Online Descaler will not effect any metal, rubber or plastic.

Perfect stuff for flushing systems prone to any sort of buildup and restoring those recovered artifacts.



To see a recent application click here. This is a ships bell recovered in 2007 from the 'Port Kembla' which sank in 1917 off Cape Farewell, New Zealand.
After 90 years underwater the Delta T online descaler dissolved all build up off including marine growth and calcium buildup from tubeworms.