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Environmental Biotech, Inc. (E.B.I.), was founded with the purpose of providing environmentally safe, economically feasible, and truly beneficial solutions to problems associated with commercial food service, industrial processing, manufacturing and wastewater treatment facilities. To accomplish this, we apply naturally occurring, non-pathogenic, vegetative bacteria that "eat" (bioremediate) environmental wastes, leaving behind harmless products such as carbon dioxide and water.

E.B.I. is the world leader in waste bioremediation technology. Our diverse systems, global network, and effective service provide satisfaction and savings for our customers and a healthier environment for us all. Our cutting-edge technology has been combined with a proven business format of franchising to meet the growing demand for our services, which include:

Franchise Programs

E.B.I. has approximately 40 franchisees within our system in the USA. Coupled with the dedication, enthusiasm, and entrepreneurial spirit of our franchisees, our breakthrough technologies ensure continued growth and success. The development of international franchises in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Colombia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Slovenia, and the United Arab Emirates, clearly demonstrates our dedication to a global vision for our future.
The superior service and systems of our franchisees all over the world have proven invaluable to a myriad of industries, including (but not limited to) restaurants, retirement centres, universities, penal institutions, private clubs, hospitals, breweries, school and corporate cafeterias, manufacturers, and hotels. Finally, industrial wastewater operations, publicly owned sewer treatment works, lift station facilities, and drain field owners have reaped the financial and operational rewards provided by our organization.

Environmental Bio-Solutions of NZ Ltd , is currently looking for qualified (non-technical) franchisee candidates to help us maintain our position as the foremost bioremediation service company in the world.

Prospective franchisees should possess the following:

  • Sales & Marketing Experience
  • Management Skills
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Burning Desire to Succeed
To receive more free, no-obligation information, contact Mike Cooper.

If you believe you have what it takes to join our global team, contact Mike Cooper, mikec@bugteam.co.nz on +64 9 441 6916

Benefits of Joining E.B.S.

  • Licensed Franchisee
  • Exclusive Territories
  • Corporate Training Facilities
  • On-Site Training Available
  • National Marketing
  • Technical Support
  • Worldwide Company Intranet
  • District Councils
  • Grease Summits
  • Low Start-up Costs
  • Proven Success

Awards & Honours

Here is a sampling of some of our past awards and honours:
  • Franchise Platinum 200, Income Opportunities
  • Top 500 Franchises, Entrepreneur
  • #1 in Category, Entrepreneur
  • Top Thirty New Franchises, Entrepreneur
  • "Gold 100," Success
  • Top 10 New Franchises, Success
  • Top 100, Inc.
  • Accredited by National Environmental Health Assn.