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Information about Grease Traps


Over the years, we at Environmental Biotech have been blessed with great customers. In reviewing the hundreds of testimonial letters that we have in our files, we thought you might be interested in a few highlights from recent letters.

Super Centre, TX - June 27, 2000

"We have had 2 of your GES systems installed in our Super Center for over 3 years now. We have reduced our grease trap pumping 85%. We have also reduced the amount of drain line back-ups… I was a little sceptical when you first installed your systems. But the past 3 years have proven that these systems really do what you said they would do. They have reduced the cost of drain cleaning and reduced the cost of Grease Trap Pumping."


Steakhouse - MA - June 27, 2000

"Due to our high volume…our grease trap had to be pumped out every week despite the attempts of every major bacteria company on the market to reduce that frequency. None of the treatments produced the promised results until we started using the Environmental Biotech program. (EBI) provides a comprehensive service program … (and) have taken over responsibility for every aspect of our drain system. We now have our grease trap pumped out every 3 months.

Recently, a city sewer line became blocked with grease and backed-up into some homes. The Sewer Department inspected our ½ mile sewer line and found no grease accumulation and had to look elsewhere for the source.

I strongly recommend the Environmental Biotech Program."


Hotel – TX - December 9, 1999

"Because of the quality of service we have received from Environmental Biotech we have recommended their services throughout our Hotels in Florida and Santa Fe. We have used Environmental Biotech for three years and are very happy with their services."


Grocery Store - TX - March 17, 2000

"I have been using Environmental Biotech in the store since 1996. We have gone from spending $3,000 to $5,000 a quarter just on plumbing repairs to less than $300 a quarter for monthly system maintenance and plumbing repairs for the past 4 years. I would recommend this system to anyone who wants to save money, whether it be in a new building … or in an older building."


Hotel - Milpitas, CA - September 21, 1999

"Prior to implementing your system we had constant back-ups in the kitchen drains. We also experienced odors and back-ups associated with our grease interceptors (which are located just outside the dining room). All these problems disappeared.

At your urging, we also purchased drain strainers from you and removed our two garbage disposals. The results have been dramatic. Whereas we had been pumping our grease interceptor every 6-8 months, it has now been 18 months since our interceptor was pumped."


Fast Food Restaurant – North Reading, MA - January 2000

"My managers and I no longer have to personally monitor the grease and septic tanks, our grease levels have diminished significantly, our drain lines are guaranteed clear, and our overall cost (service and grease and septic removal) has been reduced significantly.

If you believe in the benefits of preventive processes – the program is smart, easy and makes dollars sense."


Fast Food Restaurant – Lebanon, VA - December 15, 1999

"We have had little, to no problems, with our drain lines and are currently able to go 12 to 15 months between grease trap pumpings

I am looking forward to the day when your company might expand and be able to service my other locations."


Hotel - Hawaii - January 6, 2000

"I would like to thank you for the outstanding service your company has provided for me over the years at different facilities … I can highly recommend your company for services to anyone in the restaurant business with confidence."


Mexican Restaurant – Houston, TX - March 31, 2000

"…we have pumped once in the last two years. Further, we have not experienced a single drain line back up since we contracted with your services in May 1995. I think you will agree that is unheard of in the restaurant business."


University - Philadelphia, PA - April 21, 2000

"When we decided to change our "grease trap program"…. We put our trust in your company and have not regretted our decision. You have fixed problems and then always turned around and offered additional suggestions to resolve the problem permanently.


Restaurant - Stamford, CT - December 1999

"no longer have to personally monitor the grease and septic tanks, our grease levels and our drain lines have been cleaner and the service has been cost effective."


Inn and Country Club - Durham, NC - August 10, 1999

"…we have noticed a significant reduction in the frequency of drain blockage due to kitchen grease and oil. In addition, we have gone from pumping our grease trap monthly, to pumping it quarterly."